At the time of your rental you are required to pay a refundable deposit to ensure that your rental is able to be replaced if there is abnormal wear and tear. The cost of the deposit is based on the item(s) rented. 

This is fully refundable based on the following criteria: 

  • Returned on time (late charges may apply to high rate rentals)
  • In good repair and/or able to be repaired/cleaned easily
  • All items rented out are returned

Use of Items of Cultural Significance

We do have items of Cultural Significance available for rent. We are stewards of culture and believe that using these items inappropriately are not only disrespectful to those cultures but shows a lack of taste that we strive for. We charge an additional deposit on items of Cultural Significance, if items are used inappropriately we will donate your deposit in your name to a nonprofit that helps the culture the item is from.  

Problematic Franchises

Sometimes art is amazing but the person who made the art is kind of a terrible person. Pandora Prop & Costume believes that we can change affected communities with your help. A percentage of rentals that come from persons or franchises that have harmed communities that are vulnerable.